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Pinterest is the most Popular Social Media App for sharing images, Videos, Stories, and Gifs. Pinterest App is the fastest-growing app. Pinterest recently added a new story feature now you can create your beautiful stories and share or Post them. Pinterest does not allow its users to download their Videos and images on their Desktop and Mobile. 

Pinterest Video Downloader is a tool that helps you to download Pinterest videos, images, Stories, and Gifs From Pinterest App to your Desktop or Mobile without Paying any Penny. Pinterest Video Downloader tool is straightforward to use you can download Pinterest Video with high resolution in MP4, MP3, and 720 images in PNG, JPG, and other formats.

 You do not need to download Pinterest APK. Want to Download your Favorite Videos, Images, Stories, and Gifs read the below article for learning how to download Pinterest Pins by Using Pinterest Video Downloader Tool.

What is Pinterest Video Downloader Tool

Are you looking to download your favorite content from Pinterest App? Pinterest video downloader is an Online tool that is designed especially for downloading Pinterest videos, images, Stories, and Gifs within all formats. Now you are a Click away from downloading your favorite content in all formats like Video in MP4, MP3, 720, and images in PNG, and JPG with the help of Pinterest Video downloader.

We design this Pinterest Video Downloader Especially for our Website visitors the Fast Server helps you to download your Pin Videos Fastly. Follow the Below Easy Guide for downloading your content From Pinterest App with the help of the Pinterest Video Downloader Tool.

What is Pinterest

Pinterest Video Downloader

Pinterest is a Social media Platform Users Share their Videos, Images, and Stories Same as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Pinterest is a US Based Company that launched in October 2010. Everyone is shocked at how quickly Pinterest App is growing the monthly visitor of this amazing app is reached 100 Million. Now you can imagine the love of People with the Pinterest App. Also as PEW Research, Pinterest is the Number fourth most visited Social media website in 2021 in the USA.

How to use Pinterest Video Downloader Tool

  • Open Pinterest

Now it’s very easy to download your Favorite Video from Pinterest to MP4 and other formats. Firstly Go To Google and Search Pinterest and Open the Pinterest APK on your Mobile.

Pinterest Login
  • Sign in to your Account
Sign in into Pinterest Account

For downloading your content you need to sign in to your account. If you do not have a Pinterest account you need to create an account on Pinterest for using the main features. After creating your Account you need to Sign in to your Account.

  • Search the Video

After creating and signing in to your account now you are a few moments away for download a video from Pinterest. Go to the search bar and search for the content that you want to download from this app.

Search Pinterest Videos
  • Select the Video
Select your Favorite Pinterest Pin

After searching the content you need to select your favorite video that you want to download from Pinterest Video Downloader in MP4 Format.

  • Copy Video URL

Open the content and by doing Right Click open the Video in a new tab now you can Copy the video URL. Another way to copy the video URL is by doing Right Click Open the content on the new Tab now copy the URL from the top search bar.

Pinterest Video URL
  • Paste Video URL
Paste Pinterest Video URL in Pinterest Downloader

Now your video URL is Copy now you have to Past the URL on Pinterest Video Downloader  Go to Google and search our website and Paste the URL into the Tool.

  • Video Generating

After Pasting the URL you have to wait for one or Two Seconds for the Tool Generating video from Pinterest App.

Pinterest Downloader
  • Download Video in MP4
Pinterest video downloaded

Now you are ready to download your video content From Pinterest to MP4 format by clicking on the bottom three dots you see a Download button click on the download button and your video will be downloaded in MP4 format.

How to Download Pinterest Videos by using Mobile or IOS

If you are doing this on Mobile or IOS Follow the Below Point Step By Step for downloading your content from Pinterest downloader Tool.

  • Go to Google Search Pinterest on your Mobile and Launch the app on your mobile.
  • Sign in to your Pinterest Account from your mobile to download your Content.
  • Now go to the search bar and in the search bar type the query that you want to download after that you see a list of images, videos, and Gifs according to your search.
  • Open the Video by Clicking on the Video. After this click on send button, and a Pop will open now click on copy video URL and the URL of the Video will be Copy.
  • After copying the video URL Go to Google and Search our website Paste the URL in the Tool Bar and click the download button
  • After Clicking on the Download button different video formats appear on the screen select the best Option and Click the download button again.
  • After clicking on the download button your Video, images, Stories, and Gifs will be saved on your Mobile.

How to Download Pinterest Videos by using Desktop or PC

If you are using a Desktop or Pc to download something from Pinterest. Below is the step for your Follow the Guide Step by Step for downloading.

  • Firstly, Open the Pinterest website on your desktop and sign in to your account for a better experience.
  • Go to the Pinterest Search bar and type your query about what you want to download from Pinterest a list of results will appear. Select the video or image that you want to download.
  • Now Open the Video that you have selected to download from Pinterest Video Downloader and Click on send a Pop will appear. Click on copy URL and the Video Url Will Copy on your keyboard.
  • Now Open Our website Paste the Video URL and Click on Download Button. 
  • Multiple video formats appear to select the format according to your desire and click on download again wait for a second and your video will be saved on your Desktop or PC.

Key Features of Pinterest Video Downloader

  • Pinterest is Free to Use without any registration and you do not need to pay any penny for downloading videos, Images, and GIFs.
  • Unlimited Downloads with High-Quality HD Images
  • Pinterest is 100% Save
  • All Device Supported
  • Pinterest to MP4 Format
  • Download Pinterest Video in multiple formats like MP3, MP3, 720, and other all formats are available
  • Easy to USE Tool
  • Fast downloading without any bug
  • 240p and 1080 formats are also available


Pinterest is a most popular and Fastly Growing Social Media Platform in which user can share their videos, images, GIFs, and Stories. Pinterest App has a Huge Audience across the world but one of its Privacy Policies. Pinterest does not allow their user to download something from their platform to help Pinterest users we specially designed a Pinterest Video downloader for them that helps the user to download everything from Pinterest by using Pinterest video downloader. Now you can download your favorite videos in MP4, MP3, and other formats.

You just need to Copy the desired video link from Pinterest App and Paste it, on it Will Download the Video in HD Quality in A Few Seconds. Above I have Explained all the details about how you can download your desired video, images, and others from our online tool. I hope you will love the Article, thanks for reading.


You just need to Copy the URL of the Video, images, Stories, and GIFs From Pinterest and Paste it on Pinterest Downloader Tool our Fast Server Download it Fastly in a Few Seconds

Yes, Our Video Downloader Tool is 100% safe & Secure.

Open the Video Copy the link and Paste it on our Pin downloader Tool it will download your video in a few seconds without a watermark.

Yes, With the help of our Online Tool you can download the liver streaming. You just need to wait for live streaming to end after that you copy the link and paste it into our Pin Downloader Tool.

You can download anything before signing in to your Pinterest Account.

Yes, The Video or Images that you download from our Pin Downloader Tool are Without a Watermark.