How to Post on Pinterest From Mobile & Computer in 2023

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Are you know about Pinterest App? It is the best platform where you can share your videos, images, stories, and other interesting ideas with your friends and followers. Especially the people that want to share their interesting ideas with their followers this is the best Platform for them.
Because of the huge popularity of this amazing app people, want to know about Pinterest and want to use this app. This article is especially for those people that do not know how to post on Pinterest. Read the below article to know more about Pinterest.

How to Post on Pinterest

How To Post on Pinterest

Are you interested to learn about how to Post on Pinterest and want to post your first pins? This is a very easy-to-use app because of its user-friendly interface you can easily post your pins and stories. Follow the below steps to know how to post on Pinterest and some amazing things about this App.

How to Create Pins on Pinterest

Before starting this as a newbie this is important for you that every video, image, story, and GIF that is uploaded on Pinterest are called Pins on this App. Every time when you want to post your video and image you have to create your pins First. The image must be 1000 x 1500 Pixel for every Pinterest Pin and for video 1200 x 1800 Pixel is recommended. Follow the Bewlo Point in Detail about how to create Pins on Pinterest and how to post on Pinterest.

  • Go to Pinterest web or App and Open it on your Mobile
  • After signing in to your Pinterest Account
  • Now you see a Create Button on the Top of your Screen
  • Click on the Create Pin Button it will Open a New Page with all the details
  • Now it’s Demanding your Add all the details on the page that you want to Publish on your Pinterest account
  • You can drag and Drop the Video or Image or Select them from your Gallery
  • Now add the Title and Description of your Pin and also add the alt text and destination Link
  • After adding all the detail know you are ready to Publish your First Pin on Pinterest App
  • By Clicking on Publish Button Publish your Pin

How to Download Pinterest Videos on Mobile

Everyone that is using the Pinterest app wants to download their favorite Videos, Images, and GIF but due to Pinterest policy, it does not allow the user to download their data from the Pinterest App. You do not need to look for Pinterest APK we especially make a Pinterest downloader tool that can download all of your favorite pins from Pinterest with any money. After learning how to post on Pinterest if you want to download your favorite pins you can follow the below easy steps.

  • Open your Pinterest app and Sign in to your Account
  • Search your video and By clicking it open the video
  • Now right-click on your video and open it on a new tab
  • After opening in a new tab you can copy the video URL from the search bar
  • Go to our website and open the Pinterest downloader tool and Paste the video URL
  • After that click, the download button Select the HD format and Click on the button
  • In a few seconds, your Pin will be downloaded on your Mobile

How to Create boards on Pinterest

How To Post on Pinterest

The Pinterest app is very important for new businesses to grow fastly through sharing new exciting pins on their account. Because a lot of Business accounts on Pinterest this board feature is especially for business account users because they have to organize their data to help their client to search easily for what they want. Follow the below guide for how to create board on Pinterest.

  • Open your Pinterest Account and SIgn in
  • After That, you see a Plus icon on the bottom right of your screen
  • Click on that icon and that click on the board now it will open a new page for you
  • Enter your Board Name according to your Data setting and click on Done Button
  • If you want to Secret this board from a user you can click on the secret button before clicking on Done Button
  • Congratulation, Your Pinterest Board has been Created Successfully


Pinterest App is an amazing app for new creative ideas and trending videos and images. People in the Pinterest Community shared a Lot of Amazing Pins for increasing their Followers. A lot of newbies do not know how to post on Pinterest but you don’t need to worry about it because in this above article we Explain all the steps of how to post on Pinterest as a newbie. Follower all the Point Step by Step for your First Post on Pinterest. Thanks For Reading.

Yes, Pinterest App is 100% Free to use you can create your Pins and Upload them to your Account.

Open Pinterest App Click on Create Pin After adding the Title, Description, and Video Published your Pin.

Pinterest is a 100% Safe & Secure app you can use it for free after creating Pinterest Account.

A lot of Products are sold on Pinterest but jewelry and Clothes are high-selling Products.

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