How to Sell on Pinterest (6 Easy Steps) of 2023

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Are you an eCommerce business owner and want to boost your Products and Service? Pinterest is the best platform for new and old businesses to sell their Product and Services and Boost their sales in Online Market. Because Pinterest has 450 Million Active users of which 76.2% are Females, 17.2% are Males, and 6.6% are unSpecified that why Pinterest is the Best Market for Selling something. Read the below article on how to sell on Pinterest.

How to Sell on Pinterest?

How to Sell on Pinterest

In this article, I’m Going to Provide the complete Guide on how to sell on Pinterest. And tells you all details From Account Creation, Profile Optimization, Product Pins, Boards, and All you need to know about how to sell on Pinterest Business Account and Get Maximum Sales From the Online Market.

Create a Pinterest Business Account

Before Starting Selling on Pinterest. You need to Create your Business Account on Pinterest. if you have your Personal Account you can also Convert your Personal Account into Business Account.

Pinterest Business Account is Necessary for Selling Products and Services on Pinterest because Business Account Gives you Access to All Pinterest Tools that help you to analyze and Advertize your Pins and Maximize your online Sales. Follow these Steps for Creating your Business Account.

  • To Start a Pinterest New Business Account Go to and Visit the Pinterest “Hub Page” in the Top Left Corner
  • Now Enter your Email, Age, and Password
  • Click on “Create Account”
  • Now Enter your Profile name which can be your Business name
  • Enter your “website” name
  • Select Country and Language
  • Choose your Business Category and Its type

Optimize Your Pinterest Account Profile

After Creating your Pinterest Business Account for selling Products and Services on it. Now you have to Optimize your Profile in a better way to get Maximum Sales. Follow these Steps.

  • Add your Profile Picture that Represents your Business you can also use your Business Logo but Picture should be High Quality and Clear
  • Write a bio of your Profile that describes your business Products and Services
  • Add your website or online Store link
  • Create your boards according to your business

Create High-Quality Products Pins

How to Sell on Pinterest

For selling products and services on Pinterest Pins are a great way to drive traffic toward their website or online store so, it’s very important to create eye cache Pins that attract the user. Follow these steps.

  • The best way to Maximize your business sale and Get maximum traffic is to create High-Quality engaging Pins
  • Use high-quality Pictures that are clear and eye cache
  • Add “Alt Text” in your Pin Picture
  • In the description Provide Complete information about your Product and service in detail with hashtags
  • Add your website or online store link

Create and organize your Pins Through Boards

Pinterest Boards help you to make your profile organize. You can add all Pins to one board and give them names that help you and your user to find the Pin he wants easily by searching board name. Follow these steps.

  • Pinterest boards include your all Profile Pins so make your Profile and Pins organized. 
  • Go to Your Pinterest Business Account 
  • In the Bottom “Click “ on Plus Icon and Than Click on Bord
  • Add boards Title maybe it’s your business Product or service category
  • Now Add your Pins to the board According to your board Category
  • Always add one Pin in multiple boards to increase their visibility

Use Pinterest Ads For Pins Promotion

Pinterest is the best way for new businesses to Get huge audiences and generate maximum sales. If you want To promote your Pins on Pinterest. Follow these steps.

  • Firstly Login into your Pinterest Business Account
  • Create Ads by Clicking on the Ads Option on the Top
  • Then Click on Ads in the left menu
  • Now Select the Pin you want to promote Click on Review to add detail to your Ads
  • Click on “Launch”

Analyze Your Pins

This is the Best Free tool to analyze your Pinterest Pins that help you to track your pin performance and see insight and your Audience Below are some important matric you may know. Follow these Steps.

  • Impressions: When anyone sees your Pin while scrolling 
  • Saves: When anyone saves your Pins that number shown in the saves Section
  • Clicks: The number of Clicks you Receive on your Pins is Shown in the Click Section
  • Engagement: In this section, You can see the number of likes, comments, and repins your pins have received


In the above article, we have Guided you complete on How to sell on Pinterest? Because Pinterest has such a huge number of users, it’s very important that if you have your online store you can sell your Products and services on Pinterest to maximize your sales. I hope this article will help you to Gain more Customers and sales. If you have still any queries you can comment to me below.

Frequently ASK Questions (FAQs)

No, You cannot Sell something on Pinterest Without having a website or Online store.

Yes, You can make maximum money by selling on Pinterest your Products and Services.

Pinterest does not charge any money or commission for sellers to sell products and services.

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