How to Use Pinterest Business Account For Marketing in 2023

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Pinterest is a Most Popular social media platform that allows users to discover creative and trending ideas for their personal projects. Pinterest is a great platform for businesses to showcase their products and services, as well as connect with potential customers for maximizing sales.

New and old businesses can take advantage of Pinterest by creating a Pinterest Business Account. The interface of this app is user-friendly and the Pinterest business account is free to use and offers additional features and tools that help businesses to Grow Quickly.

What is Pinterest Business Account?

Pinterest business Account

Pinterest Business Account is a type of account in Pinterest that is specifically designed for businesses that help to promote their product and Services. Pinterest helps new businesses to create and manage their Business account by themselves. 

Pinterest Business account Provides amazing and advanced features to users including Pinterest Analytics, verified account status, access to promote pins through Promoted Pins, and most importantly the use of Rich Pins which include additional information about the business that helps drive traffic to the website and engage with clients.

What is Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing is an effective way for businesses to launch new products or services in the market and engage more clients and traffic toward the website. In Pinterest Business Marketing you create and share content and information about the business product and service. This can be done through Pinterest boards, pins (images or videos by adding keywords and hashtags that you can share on your Pinterest Business account, and Pinterest paid ads to reach a targeted and larger audience. You can also track the success rate of advertisements in Pinterest Analytics.

How to Create A Pinterest Account

How to Create Pinterest business Account

To create a Pinterest Business Account, you have to provide some basic information about your business, including your business name, website, and location. You can also choose a username that represents your business or brand name. You can convert your Personal account into a business account and you can also create a linked account. To create these types of Pinterest accounts you have to follow the below Guide.

  • By Searching on Google Go to and click on the “Sign up” button
  • You can “sign up” by using your email address or your Google or Facebook account. Choose the option of any of them
  • Create a password for your Pinterest account
  • Enter the username that represents your business or brand name
  • Select your gender and age
  • Click on the “Continue” button to finish creating your account

After creating your account, you can start creating boards, pins, stories, and video content about your business or products and upload them on your business account.

1. Linked Pinterest Business Account

  • Open your Pinterest App on your device and Sign in
  • Now Click on Drop down menu in the top right corner
  • Click on Add Account
  • Click on “Connecting Exciting Account” and login then Click Create Account
  • Now You will be login into Linked Account

2. Convert to a Business Account

  • Go to your Pinterest App and Login into your Account
  • Go to Settings and Click on  Account Management
  • Click on Convert Account
  • Add your Business or Profile name that represents you or your business
  • Select the Business category
  • Now your Account has converted into a Business account

What is Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Provide a tool to their users called Pinterest Analytics that tracks the performance of their Pinterest account and other media content. By using Pinterest Analytics, users can see the performance of their Pins, Stories, board, and Video Content and can get insights into their audience. Pinterest Analytics also provides Complete data, included such as the number of impressions, saves, and clicks on the content that is uploaded to their Account. Pinterest Analytics helps users to understand which types of content are performing well and provides suggestions for improving the performance of their content.


Pinterest Business Account gives you advanced features that help you to gain more traffic and engagement to forward your Content and website. So, What are you waiting for you just need to sign into your business account it’s free. You can also advertise your content through Pinterest ads but you have to pay for Pinterest. It also really helps in the growth of new and old businesses. Go and Create your account now it’s free of cost.

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Pinterest  Business Account is free to use you just need to sign in to the account for using the advanced features.

Pinterest Business Account allows you to use the advanced and amazing features that help you to engage more traffic toward your website.

Pinterest is also used for selling Products and services it helps the business to grow fast and generate more sales.

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