How to Remove Pinterest From Google Search through 4 Easy Methods

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Searching any query on Google shows you a lot of Pinterest Results that distract your research because Pinterest is not an information platform for research. If you want to get rid of the Pinterest result and wish to remove Pinterest From Google Search, this article is especially for you. Read the article till the end to get the most essential information.

Pinterest is the Most Popular social media platform on the internet, where people discover, share ideas, and search for trends and inspiration through images and videos. Pinterest is the best platform for Promoting your business through Pins and Stories. Peoples Create their Profiles on the platform and share their Pins and Stories with their Freinds and Family. However, some people may want their Pinterest profile or content to appear outside of Google search results. In this article, we will guide you on how to remove Pinterest from Google search in 4 Different and Easy methods.

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Why Remove Pinterest from Google Search?

Remove Pinterest From Google Search

As everyone knows that Pinterest is a Public Platform where everyone sees your Profile and the content, Pins, and Ideas that you share on the platform. It’s good for your business or personal when you share your information with your followers on the platform. But it’s important to remove Pinterest From Google Search when a User might want to keep their personal ideas and inspiration private and not have them easily searchable on Google. That’s why Removing Pinterest From Google Search can help ensure your privacy.

Methods to Remove Pinterest from Google Search

Method 1: Use Pinterest Account

Go to Google and Search and open it on the New Tab or Open the App on mobile.

How to Remove Pinterest From Googel

Now Enter your email and Password to log into your Account if you do not have an Account on Pinterest Create your New Account and log in.

Pinterest login

After Login Click on the Pinterest Account Profile Picture in the Top Right Corner of the screen and Click on “Setting” From the Dropdown menu.

Pinterest Account

Scroll Down and Click on “Privacy and Data” Now Click on the box below the Search Privacy to hide your Profile on Search engines like (Google and others).

Pinterest privacy policy

After Following the Steps Click on the “Save” button in the button of the Screen. Google takes a few days or a week to remove your Profile and other content From its search Results.

Pinterest Settings

Method 2: Use Google Search Tools

The second method to Remove Pinterest from Google search results is by using Google’s search tools. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Google and Search your Query.
  • Click on the “Tools” button below the Search bar.
  • Click on “All Result” and Select “Verbatim” From the dropdown menu.
  • This will exclude any variations or synonyms of your search term and display only exact matches, effectively removing any Pinterest results.

Method 3: Use the Minus Sign (-)

The third Method to Remove Pinterest From google Search is to use the minus sign (-) before the word “Pinterest.” Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Google and add your Query.
  • Add a minus sign (-) before the word “Pinterest” in your Query. (like) if you search for “Rise Recipes – Pinterest,” Google will remove any results that contain the word “Pinterest”.
  • This method is quick and easy and allows you to exclude any website or term from your Google search results.

Method 4: Use Browser Extensions

How to Remove Pinterest From Googel Search

If Are you looking to remove Pinterest From google Search Results you are on the right step. Here is the Fourth Method of blocking Pinterest from Google Search Results by using a browser extension. Different browser extensions can remove Pinterest results from your search. Here’s how to use it:

  • Go to Google and Search “block site” Extension Click on the First URL and open it.
  • Click on the “Add to Chrome” Button then on “ Add Extension”.
  • Now in the Google Search results Click on the Pinterest URL and Click on the “Block site”.
  • This will block all Pinterest links from appearing in your future Google search results.


Sometimes it’s important to Remove Pinterest From Google Search Results because it distracts your research or you just do not want to Show your Profile or Personal Data on Google Search Results or you have other Privacy issues. In this article, we guide you Four best and simple Methods of Removing Pinterest From Google Search results by following these Methods you can get Rid of Pinterest results on Google. These methods are very simple and easy to implement and everyone can use these methods easily. Still, If you face any problems you can comment to me below.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

After updating your Profile Setting Google takes a few days or a week to Remove your Profile or other Content From Google Search Results.

Yes by using the “site block” Extension you Can Block Pinterest from Google Searches.

If you want to exclude any website from Google searches you can use “Site Block Extension” by downloading it from the Chrome web store.

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