What is Pinterest? How to use Pinterest Account For Beginners

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Everyone wants to know what is Pinterest? because of its huge popularity all around the world. People of every age enjoy using the Pinterest app and Its amazing features. This is the most Fastly Growing Social Media Platform user create their pins and upload them on Pinterest. All the content in the shape of videos, images, GIFs, and stories is called pins on Pinterest.

This is the best app for a new business to grow fastly by creating pins relating to your business Product or service and uploading them on Pinterest and also it really beneficial for websites to increase their web traffic by uploading new and exciting content on Pinterest. If you want to know more about what is Pinterest? read the below article in Detail.

What is Pinterest?

What is Pinterest

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a Platform for Sharing videos, images, stories, and, GIFs. This is also a Platform for new Trending new and exciting Ideas. Pinterest is an American-based company that is developed by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and, Paul Sciarra in 2010 this is the fastest-growing Social media platform. The Pinterest App has 445 Million active users Monthly and it’s increasing very fastly.

Pinterest has a huge community that shares millions of Pins in the shape of Videos and images you can save the video in your Profile but this app does not allow their user to download their favorite Videos, Images, and other media. This a big problem for users so regarding this problem we developed a Pinterest downloader Tool especially for our visitors to help them to download their favorite media for the App.

How to Create a Pinterest Account

What is Pinterest How to Use Pinterest Account For Beginnners

As we all know what is Pinterest and also have an account on Pinterest App. But the new Pinterest user does not know how to Create a Pinterest Account. You don’t need to worry about it because it’s very easy. we have written detailed Points about how you can create a Pinterest Account you just need to follow the below easy Points step by step for Creating a new Pinterest Account.

  • Go to Google and Search Pinterest.com and Open it by clicking on the link
  • After Opening enter your Email account and click on Continue
  • Know to Create your Pinterest Account Enter your Password and Click next
  • Enter your Account Name and Click the Next Button
  • Enter your Age and Select your Gender
  • After Select your country Religion and Language
  • Select your Favorite Five Topics and Click next
  • Congratulation your Pinterest Account has been Created Successfully

What is Pinterest Pins

Pins are the media content that is Uploaded on Pinterest either in the shape of videos, images, stories, and GIFs. Every pin contains an image, your post title, and a description also you can add alt text of the image and the destination link of your post.

How to Create a Pinterest Pin

These two are the most important question about Pinterest everyone want to know about it because of the Pinterest app’s Popularity What is Pinterest? other is how to create a Pinterest Pin. For Creating Pins click on Create Pin to add your image you can select the image from your gallery after that add your title and description you can also add the alt text and destination link on your Pin. You can also create multiple pins by clicking on the idea pin.

What is Pinterest Board

For giving the best experience to your Follower you have to create a Pinterest Board. Board is a category that helps to organize all Pins and data of your business. so that your follower and clients easily search for what they exactly need. You can also add Privacy on your Pins so the people you add can see your Pins.

What is Pinterest Home Feed

Home Feed in Pinterest is the page where you can see the pins of all accounts that you follow or suggestions for you according to your search history. If you want to search for the special pin that is not in the home feed you can search your query in the search bar.

What is a Pinterest Business Hub

Pinterest Business hub is a Special Feature of Pinterest that is special for business account holders if you want to use this feature you want to create your business account. In the Business hub, you have all the details about your account audience, Performance also has all the tools, tips, and insight that you need to know.


Our website Provide the best Pinterest downloader that helps our user for downloading their Favorite Pins for Pinterest. In today’s article, we tell you about what is Pinterest. Because the new user does not know about this amazing app. This article helps them to know about Pinterest and how to use this app. I hope this article is very informative and beneficial for you. Thanks For Reading.


Pinterest App is a Social video, images, Stories, and GIFs sharing platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Yes, Pinterest Allows its users to use Pinterest Free of Cost but it does not allow the user to download their content.

Yes, Pinterest is a 100% Safe & Secure App like other social media apps.

Pinterest helps new businesses to grow fastly by uploading their business ideas pins that engage traffic to their business and increase their sales.

You can search our website for downloading any Pinterest content in just one click in multiple formats.

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